How to place an order

You need to be logged into your website account to order.
Our product categories are on the left-hand side of the website. You can browse the categories. You can view the products in column view or list view.

The default view is the column view
You will see four products next to each other and 12 products per page. You can change how many products you see on the page.
The product lists a photo, product name, wholesale price, current stock, quantity in cart, a quantity field and an add to cart button. Type in the quantity of the product you want to order and click the add to cart button.

The second view is list view
The products are listed below each other with the stock quantity, quantity in your cart price and subtotal for the item.
You can add products to your cart by clicking on the quantity adjustment buttons and add to cart, item by item.
We also added an "ADD ALL TO CART" button - this allows you to choose the required quantities of various items before adding them all to cart at the same time.

How do you know the items is added to your cart? Your cart will shake!

Once you are done adding products to your cart, you can go to the cart to check out. Click on the little shopping trolley and click on "Check out now".

The website will take you to the one-page checkout.

Please choose the correct shipping address. If the address is not correct or if you want to ship the order to another address, add or change the address in your address book.

Choose the shipping method and then choose your payment method.

Then click on the "PLACE ORDER" button.

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