• How to place an order

    You need to be logged into your website account to order. Our product categories are on the left-hand side of the website. You can browse the categories. You can view the products in column view or list view. The default view is the column view You will see four products next to each other and ...
  • What is the status of my order?

    We will send you automatic updates when the status of your order changes. You will know exactly where we are in the process of finalizing your order. You will see the following: * Awaiting Payment – We are waiting for your payment to reflect in our bank account. This status is also the automatic...
  • Cancelling an order

    Orders only can be cancelled by a Bali Trading Representative at the Bali Trading headquarters. To cancel your order, please contact us on 028 713 2080 (option 1) or you can send an email to support@balitrading.co.za. Please include your order number in your email.
  • In store Purchase

    Bali Trading wholesale management has decided that wholesale clients can only purchase from us via our online website www.balitrading.co.za (http://www.balitrading.co.za) and SARCDA events. We will no longer sell wholesale from any Bali Trading retail outlet due to the fact that we had an influ...
  • Quotes

    We do not have a quote option available on the website. The best way to get a quotation is to create an order. Before you finalise your order you will see the total of your order including shipping. If you are happy with the amount you can complete the order.