Delivery Fees

The delivery fee is worked out automatically by the website on the amount in your cart:

[Amount in your cart = Delivery Fee] ###
R0 to R1000 = R200
R1000 to R1100 = R165
R1100 to R1200 = R180
R1200 to R1300 = R195
R1300 to R1400 = R210
R1400 to R1500 = R225
R1500 to R1600 = R240
R1600 to R1700 = R255
R1700 to R1800 = R270
R1800 to R1900 = R285
R1900 to R2000 = R300
R2000 to R2100 = R210
R2100 to R2200 = R220
R2200 to R2300 = R230
R2300 to R2400 = R240
R2400 to R2500 = R250
R2500 to R2600 = R260
R2600 to R2700 = R270
R2700 to R2800 = R280
R2800 to R2900 = R290
R2900 to R3000 = R300
R3000 to R3100 = R310
R3100 to R3200 = R320
R3200 to R3300 = R330
R3300 to R3400 = R340
R3400 to R3500 = R350
R3500 and more = Free